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Atasha Muhlach Graces as a Sporty Girl TrendSetter with Tokyo Glam’s Nail Makeover - Preview

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Donning dazzling dresses to amazing sporty outfits, Atasha Mulach stuns people as she shares her unexpected fairytale-like experience in Les Bal des Débutantes on Preview’s February edition.

Debutantes (abbreviated "debs") from several nations were invited to participate in Les Bal des Débutantes in 1950. The event was revived in 1992, which was strictly by invitation only. These women typically come from wealthy, well-known families who work in industry, entertainment, or politics.

One of the invitees to the recent ball was Atasha Mulach, the only daughter of Aga Muhlach and Charlene Gonzalez. She played sports in her teenage life, like basketball and rugby.

More About Atasha Mulach

Despite her last name being well-known, Atasha says that her parents made an effort to give her and Andres, her brother, a sense of normalcy. She shared that after going to school, they would engage in extracurricular activities to identify their interests and hobbies. They would then return home and finish all of the assignments that were due that week.

She also expressed how her parents trained them to be independent in life. After her class, she goes directly home to prepare home-cooked meals, clean, and do laundry and dishes.

Her college life and her several passions are currently balanced delicately. In addition to her prior work in theater and commercial acting, Atasha also gets involved in artistic and performing arts, including painting and piano. Her athletic prowess is also impressive; we've seen her compete in rugby, wakeboarding, basketball, golf, and other sports.

Check out Atasha’s incredible story on how she stunned the crowd as she attended the Les Bal des Débutantes.

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