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Be Safe and Glamorous at TokyoGLAM | As Featured on

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

The past year has been challenging for everyone.

2020 left people emotionally distressed. However, there is an ease of recreational business such as nail salons and beauty houses. You can now enjoy a pamper session free from worries!

Entrust the experts at TokyoGLAM to guarantee a safe and glamorous salon experience.

TokyoGLAM offers private rooms and strict safety protocols to protect both the clients and the staff. Even while adhering to the IATF safety rules, they continue to deliver true Japanese nail and eyelash services.

TokyoGLAM’s nail and eyelash techniques came from Japanese experts; the owner, Michelle Takijima, flew in from Japan before the pandemic. All nail and studio technicians are trained to give you consistent and quality results with each visit.

TokyoGLAM's CEO Michelle Takijima

Their dedication to give clients premium beauty services with safety measures earned praise from notable personalities such as Gretchen Fullido, Julia Montes, and Kylie Versoza.

As soon as you enter TokyoGLAM, you’ll be greeted by a staff wearing PPE while administering a quick health assessment. You can even opt to wear a PPE yourself.

You’ll be pampered in one of TokyoGLAM’s private rooms, which is sanitized with every use. They’ve had these private rooms even before the pandemic began, to optimize each customer’s relaxing experience.

Get glamorous, in the safest way possible.

Even while wearing a mask, you can look and feel confident.

Experience a worthwhile pamper session at TokyoGLAM. You deserve it.

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