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What You Should Know About Tokyo Glam's Celebrity Clients

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

It takes time to find a salon that provides fascinating results and utmost care with emerging salons. Do not settle for less when it comes to yourself. At Tokyo Glam, we specialize in nail and eyelash services, equipped with premium and authentic Japanese procedures and products. Today, we will share with you some clients’ feedback that you surely want to also experience.

What Tokyo Glam Can Offer

Regular nail is not for everyone. Women with delicate nails chip off easily with regular nail polishes. That’s why at Tokyo Glam, we provide Japanese Nail Art in the Philippines to give premium nail makeovers to every customer.

Not to mention, Japanese Gel Nail art is a top-notch and revolutionary nail makeover, giving longer-lasting results. Its key feature is its lightweight feeling and strong adhesion, perfect for women with brittle fingernails. Since the products are made in Japan, everything is organic, making nails stronger and healthier.

When it comes to eyelash care and makeovers, Tokyo Glam is the number one go-to Japanese salon in the Philippines that you can consider. Its first-class lightweight faux lashes bring out the glamorous look, giving all-day slaying lashes.

What’s special about Tokyo Glam’s eyelashes service is the procedures performed by our technicians. They painstakingly put the premium lashes to achieve a clump-free look. They do not just use Japanese products but are also trained by the Japanese to execute proper processes to exceed customers’ satisfaction.

The promising results that we deliver are what glam queens are coming back. See for yourself what luxuriant experience Tokyo Glam can offer.

Experiences with the Best Japanese salon in the Philippines

Over the years, we have been committed to providing a luxurious pampering experience to boost one’s confidence. Celebrity Glam Queens, stars who entrust their nail and eyelash fixes to Tokyo Glam, can attest to the value we bring to. The following are the celebrities that entrusted Tokyo Glam with their pampering needs:

Gonzaga sisters: Toni and Alex Gonzaga

Even though the Gonzaga sisters are caught up with their hosting and interview gigs, they still achieve the all-day fresh and captivating look with Tokyo Glam lashes.

Small Laude

The famous Youtube vlogger, Small Laude, believes that the best relaxation moments are the ones shared with friends. She had recently hosted an eyelash and nail makeover day with her friends. At Tokyo Glam, we accept exclusive Japanese nail art sessions and other services that you can simultaneously experience with your friends.

Dr. Aivee Teo

Dr. Aivee Teo, a prominent dermatologist in the country, entrusted us with her eyelashes to bring out the truest potential. She also gave her nails the premium care and fancy look they needed with Tokyo Glam’s Japanese nail art services.

Here are the other Celebrity Glam Queens that indulge in the beauty that pampers:

  • Julia Montes

  • Jennylyn Mercado

  • Pamela Andres

  • Sofia Andres

  • Elisse Josonn

  • Kylie Verzosa

  • Kris Bernal

  • Janella Salvador

  • Angeline Quinto

  • Cassy Legaspi

  • Ruffa Gutierrez

  • Gretchen Fullido

  • Empress Schuck

  • Patty Ang

Dazzle the world with your beauty. Never settle for anything less than being glamorous. Tokyo Glam is not an ordinary Japanese salon in the Philippines. We deliver a royal beauty treatment that you deserve. From our products to techniques, we guarantee to give you the utmost care and finest results.

When it comes to beauty treatments, Japanese nail art in the Philippines is the most sought-after pamper session. It gives the utmost treatment and posh look that your nails deserve. At Tokyo Glam, our technicians ensure that your nails receive the proper nail care before having the glitz, glamorous effect. Make the most of your relaxation day and book your next pamper session at Tokyo Glam.

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