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Glam on Your Nails and Lashes with Summer Glow-Up Treats

Prepare to turn heads on your summer adventures with Tokyo Glam's exquisite Japanese beauty services, fit for the Glam Queens in you.

We are offering sizzle and dazzle Summer Treats to make your nails and lashes more glamorous. You can also enjoy 40% OFF on FULL VOLUME and LOWER lash extensions, and 20% OFF on other Japanese beauty services.

Japanese Nails: The Ultimate Choice

Are you in search of stunning, long-lasting nails that make a statement? Look no further than Tokyo Glam's revolutionary Japanese Gel Nail service! This innovative treatment takes nail care to the next level, providing you with gorgeous nails that are as healthy as they are beautiful.

Discover our Tokyo Glam Nail Care packages with up to 75% OFF:

Long-Lasting Vibrancy: Bid farewell to chipped polish! Japanese gel offers superior wear time, maintaining its shine and color for up to 6 weeks.

Gentle on Your Natural Nails: Unlike traditional gel methods, Japanese gel uses a softer formula that's kinder to your nails, ensuring no harsh buffing or damage.

Highly Pigmented Colors: Achieve intense, opaque coverage with just one coat! Tokyo Glam offers a wide array of stunning shades to match any style or occasion.

Strong and Flexible: Strengthen your natural nails with Japanese gel, making them less prone to breakage while maintaining a comfortable, flexible feel.

Easy Removal: Say goodbye to soaking and harsh chemicals! Japanese gel can be easily removed by professionals, ensuring minimal damage to your natural nails.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to indulge in the beauty of Japanese nail care and lash treatments. Visit Tokyo Glam today and treat yourself to a summer of stunning effortless glamor!

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