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Tokyo Glam Hails as Top 1 Among the Best Eyelash Salon in the Philippines | Tatler

When it comes to a safe and exquisite lash experience, Tokyo Glam has topped the list of best eyelash salons in the Philippines. Thanks to the indulgence that Japanese quality brings.

Tatler has enumerated the best places to consider for a lash extension that every woman gets obsessed with; With its well-equipped technicians who meticulously apply Japanese techniques, we can’t deny that Tokyo Glam is the best go-to lash salon.

What Makes Tokyo Glam’s Eyelash Extension Best

Tokyo Glam specializes in delivering different eyelash designs and techniques that guarantee to last longer than ordinary ones.

Its experienced Japanese-trained technicians can give you the full lash look that will make heads turn. Its lash extensions are the perfect way to add length, volume, and definition to your lashes with excellence and indulgence.

Here are the following lash designs that you can try on your next pampering session:

  • Gorgeous lash design highlights the shape of the eyes, making them seem larger and more expressive.

  • Cute and Sexy lash design glams the eyes with a darling look

  • Cute lash design gives a lovely doll-like appearance, making eyes rounder.

You may also try out their eyelash care package, including eyelash shampoo, ageless treatment, and gel eye sheets. Aside from its premium quality and exquisite lash experience, Tokyo Glam is a beauty hub that you can entrust to your pampering needs.

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