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Pamper Yourself at TokyoGLAM | A PeopleAsia.PH feature

Updated: Feb 25, 2021


TokyoGLAM is a beauty salon that uses authentic Japanese techniques and technology for your much-needed pamper session. You won't even have to worry about safety and quality when you enter one of their clean private rooms!

Prior to the year of stringent health protocols, in 2019, TokyoGLAM welcomed its customers to its capacious shops, offering each their own room for privacy. So regardless if you're having your lashes extended or nails painted, you will have a safe and relaxing experience in the beauty salon.

On top of that, the salon kept persistent in ensuring safety, not only for their customers but also their staff. "As the circumstances have changed during the pandemic, we went as far as providing home-service for our clients in order to keep them safe. TokyoGLAM has only grown more as we move forward," TokyoGLAM's founder Michelle Takijima said.

TokyoGLAM's CEO Michelle Takijima

The TokyoGLAM salon, its equipment and furniture are also sanitised daily. The staff will be wearing their personal protective equipment at all times, and you will be provided one as well — in case you feel the need to do so.

Although getting pampered is relaxing for us, it's somewhat a meticulous process. All the more reason why we need to consider a salon much like TokyoGLAM that offers services in the safest way possible.

Your visit will be worthwhile because beyond safety, TokyoGLAM also follows Japanese standards — from the technique done in each service to the equipment used. They also frequently update both the methods and equipment used for a better experience in every visit.

The technicians, who came all the way from Japan before the pandemic, are well-skilled.

There's also an air of luxury and comfort in TokyoGLAM, and you'll feel it just by stepping inside with their chic interior and pleasant ambience. It's definitely the place to be!

This is all because of Michelle's vision and determination to provide the same experience she had in Tokyo. She shared, "[They offered] exemplary and incomparable eyelash and nail services. Their standards and service are great and consistent, I was inspired by this and saw it as an opportunity to start TokyoGLAM."

"In the new normal, TokyoGLAM brings beauty and confidence to women in these trying times. Since people are wearing masks nowadays, their eyes and nails can still be seen. We want to give them beauty and comfort to help them ease their anxieties," Michelle added.

It's a great time to head over to TokyoGLAM to experience simultaneous treatments — for eyelashes and nails — by availing their packages. This way, you'll get everything done quickly to avoid staying outdoors at a longer time.

Indulge in a safe and relaxing beauty experience at TokyoGLAM today at 4F, Ayala Malls Manila Bay. For reservations, call +632 7900 7074. You can also follow TokyoGLAM on Instagram for promos and updates.

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