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Tokyo Glam a Great Addition to the Growing Japanese Culture in the PH | Manila Bulletin Feature

Diplomacy is back, bigger, bolder, and closer to the people in the Philippines. As the year started, various national foreign events were held in the country. Different diplomats traveled once again after the two-year lockdowns brought on by the pandemic.

Aside from the events, different foreign-inspired businesses are also growing in the Philippines. Tokyo Glam, a Japanese beauty salon in the Philippines, was founded by Michelle Takijima. She's fond of pampering herself in Tokyo, giving her the inspiration to bring a luxurious Japanese eyelash extension and nail makeover experience to the Philippines.

What’s interesting about the business concept is that she also equipped her Filipino staff with authentic Japanese procedures and trained them on how Japanese products do wonders in the beauty industry.

The growing demand for Japanese beauty treatments made Tokyo Glam open its third branch at Mitsukoshi Mall in BGC. Indeed, Tokyo Glam is a perfect addition not only to the first-ever Japanese mall in the Philippines but also to the growing Japanese culture in the country.

Check out the vastness of the diversity of culture in the Philippines Diplomacy is back, bigger, bolder, and closer to the people – Manila Bulletin (

We do not need to travel far just to experience the indulgence of Japanese beauty services. Thanks to the birth of Tokyo Glam for bringing the luxurious pampering session that every woman deserves!

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