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Tokyo Glam in the New Normal: Safe and Glamorous

We’re re-opening our store to accommodate your beauty needs. :)

Pamper yourself—the safe and right way.

We’ve established strict safety protocols to keep all customers and employees healthy.

When you visit our store, you’ll be greeted with a sanitizing zone: a foot bath and hand sanitizer. You will fill out a health declaration form and be fitted with your own PPE. Each Tokyo Glam employee has their own PPE and face shield, as well.

Each room is separated from one another. All tools are sterilized and placed in a sterilization box when not in use. There is also a custom acrylic barrier between you and your beauty technician as they work on your gorgeous eyelashes and nails.

Our shop is disinfected after each customer to keep Tokyo Glam as clean as possible.

After all, our eyes are the only visible part of our face as mask requirements are mandatory. Why not go all out and treat yourself to a fabulous eyelash lift?

You can even opt to take gorgeous selfies in our sanitized beauty corner.

Show off those glamorous nails and eyes.

Experience luxury beauty treatment without the fear of unsafe store practices.

Book your appointment now! :)

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