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Tokyo Glam Launches the Much-Awaited Mid-year Treat

If you are exhausted from everyday hustles, you can’t spread enough positivity that will make the world colorful and meaningful. Remember that the love that you radiate comes from within. Maybe you have been too hard on yourself lately and forgot to nurture yourself.

At Tokyo Glam, we believe that nourishing oneself will give solace to the soul. We are delighted to spoil you with TREATS for the QUEENS, the much-awaited mid-year beauty treatment promo as a gift of appreciation. Starting on June 01, 2022, we offer great discounts for eyelashes and nail services to give you a more glamorous feeling inside and out.

More Information About the Treats for the Queens

Are you looking for eyelashes and nail services that give you the finest and posh finishes? Look no further! Tokyo Glam’s TREATS for the QUEENS is the best deal for your next pamper sesh. We are giving a 30% off on a Single Lash and 10% off on Flat, Glam, and Wispy lashes treatments. Of course, if you desire to get your nails done, we got you! Get the most embellished nails with 10% off on Gel Nail and Nail Extension services.

With Tokyo Glam’s TREATS for the QUEENS, you can get the best of both worlds. Enjoy eyelashes and nail services at the most reasonable prices.

Discovering the Tokyo Glam’s Eyelashes and Nail Services Promo

Curious about the eyelashes and nail services that we are offering? Individual strands are attached to your eyelashes in a single lash treatment, giving you more natural-looking lashes. On the other hand, Flat Eyelashes are extensions with a flat rhomboid base, offering better retention because of their wider bonding surface.

Choose the Glam lashes treatment if you want to have less dramatic but lusciously thick eyelashes. When looking for the eyelash treatment that gives you long, fine, and feathery eyelashes, you will not regret getting wispy lashes for your lashes fix.

Gel Nail is one of the go-to nail fixes that most ladies are crazy about when it comes to nail services. Your embellished nails will last longer than the classic nail polishes. Plus, it does not chip, allowing you to enjoy your fancy nails.

However, some women think they can’t enjoy making fun of their nails because they are short. You do not have to worry since Nail Extension treatment is included in Tokyo Glam’s TREATS for the QUEENS promo. Aside from making it longer, nail extensions also strengthen your nails to prevent them from breaking.

But are these services safe and effective? Tokyo Glam harnessed its eyelashes and nail services with first-class authentic Japanese techniques and products. Whichever services you are getting from us, you are 100% guaranteed that it is safe and effective. Plus, Japanese products are organic.

Tokyo Glam triumphed in beauty services equipped with Japanese procedures. We guarantee technicians are highly-proficient, ensuring our client that we highly observe safety standards.

For your upcoming day off in June, don’t miss the chance to enjoy the TREATS for the QUEENS promo that will give your eyelashes and nails a more glamorous look. Please help us spread the treat and let other queens unwind, giving themselves the royal regale they deserve.

You can exclusively enjoy the TREATS for QUEENS together with your girlfriends in our VIP Room. Book your appointment now and luxuriate in Tokyo Glam Eyelash and Nail Salon. Share your glamorous experience on your respective social media platforms. Together, let us indulge in the beauty that pampers.

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