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Tokyo Glam’s Japanese Artist Delivers the Most Indulging Lash Experience | Project Vanity

Most women go for lash extensions to skip everyday makeup hassle. Lash extensions instantly give a no-make up make up glow that most women need even when waking up in the morning.

That’s why women nowadays are falling into lash on addiction trends. But it is exhausting to find the best eyelash salon in the Philippines.

Similar to other lash enthusiasts, it is not a surprise to try an ordinary and luxurious type of salon just to get the best longer lifted lashes that are worth the money. Thanks to Tokyo Glam for exceeding the beauty expectations of every woman.

Tokyo Glam triumphs in delivering the finest lashes and nail treatments that use only authentic Japanese products and techniques with personnel highly-trained by Japanese lash and nail experts. With this, Jes Roque of Project Vanity expressed her awe not only with her lash finish but also with her ultimate pamper experience with Tokyo Glam’s Japanese lash technician, Suzuka.

What’s more, she was even delighted with the indulgence she experienced during her lash extension procedure. According to her, it was the most comfortable and the most relaxing lash extension experience I’ve had thus far. I hardly felt anything - no pressure, no pain, and no irritation!

Jes lash on with Tokyo Glam’s Sexy Lash design, giving her a dazzling cat-eye glare. She also was impressed how light and fine the lash extensions are. Plus, wearing Japanese made lashes are easy to maintain and its mesmerizing all-day slaying lifted lashes lasted longer than expected.

To know more about her delighting glam experience with our Japanese lash technician, read more New lash salon alert: Tokyo Glam offers an authentic Japanese lash experience — Project Vanity.

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