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Tokyo Glam among the Top 5 Best Salons in the Philippines for Ultimate Asian Makeover | One Mega

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Asian-inspired looks have become a trend all over the internet. The demand for beauty and skincare regimens from Japan and Korea is immensely in demand in the Philippines.

Not only that, lashes that create a natural wing and haircuts done in the manner of looks we have seen in K-Dramas have been the talk of the beauty world.

To give you an ultimate Asian makeover, OneMega listed the five best salons in the Philippines that you can try on in your next pampering session. One of which is Tokyo Glam.

Tokyo Glam, specializing in eyelash extensions and nail art, triumphs in using genuine Japanese techniques equipped by their Japanese lash and nail experts for exquisite and indulgent results. The owner, Michelle Ann Takijima, came up with the concept to provide a line of beauty services that not only catered to her clients' pampering needs but also guaranteed full-glam, high-quality service that the Japanese can undoubtedly deliver.

Located at Ayala Malls Manila Bay, SOMA, BGC, and Mitsukoshi Mall, BGC, Tokyo Glam offers a wide range of glam services, from eyelash extensions, nail services, brow lamination waxing, spa, and Glutathione drip and push to facial treatments that guarantee excellence and indulgence.

If you are a woman-on-the-go, Tokyo Glam is the ideal beauty hub for you as they offer a simultaneous treatment that saves your time without compromising the beauty quality. You can book their prominent Japanese technicians for a more exquisite Japanese pampering experience.

The meticulous Japanese techniques and awe-inspiring results are definitely the new obsession among Filipina women.

Read on the other top four salons in the Philippines that will help you achieve an Asian-inspired look Five Salons You Can Go to For an Asian-Inspired Look (

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