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Tokyo Glam Offers New Services to Enhance Wellness

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Don’t get left behind as Tokyo Glam introduces new services to choose from on your next relaxation day. Tokyo Glam added brow lamination, Glutathione drip and push, and facial services to its glamorous treatments that can make you feel more rejuvenated.

Tokyo Glam triumphs in on the promising results it delivers to its Glam Queens, especially on getting luxurious nail and eyelash fixes. Now, let’s discover the invaluable glam benefits that the new services can do.

Indulging in Tokyo Glam’s New Services

At Tokyo Glam, we want to ensure that we give you complete self-care for your next pamper session. From your lashes to your toes, we guarantee to give you the ultimate premium treatment you deserve. Our authentic Japanese techniques and products bring your makeover experience to the next level.

Brow Lamination

If you are tired of brushing your eyebrows and still not contented with its result, don’t let the opportunity slip away and get Tokyo Glam’s brow lamination. This type of procedure is beyond making your brow well-shaped and naturally fuller. Tokyo Glam’s organic products give your eyebrows the nourishment they need to make them healthier and thicker.

The main benefit of brow lamination is to make eyebrows thicker than before. You can enjoy an all-day fleeking eyebrows without any hassle every morning just to keep the groomed and tidy.

Brow lamination is recommended for people who are suffering from thinning brows, unruly hair that scatter from different directions, and lack of shape. Its promising result can last up to two months.

Give it a try and see for yourself the wonders that brow lamination can bring. We are giving a 10% discount on brow lamination when you avail of our glam combos: brow lamination and keratin lash; brow lamination and eyelash extension; brow lamination and gel nail services.

Glutathione drip and push

Another Tokyo Glam service that you can add to your next relaxation day is Glutathione drip and push services. These services nourish and whiten your skin to make you look more glowing and younger.

Whether we like it or not, bright skin has been a beauty standard that won’t seem to go away. Glutathione drip and push make skin whitening faster. It is a revolutionary way to achieve whiter skin. Instead of taking Glutathione in tablets or capsules, it is now given intravenously and in high doses.

Glutathione drip and push are different ways to deliver the nutrients to your cells. However, drip Is more diluted, and the procedure takes more time. Glutathione push, on the other hand, takes up to 20 minutes only because it is not diluted.

If you want to add more vitamins aside from Glutathione, the best value for you is the drip. Keep in mind to only entrust your glutathione drip and push treatments to reliable salons. Tokyo Glam’s technicians are trained by the Japanese to provide the utmost care to our clients.

To give you the best whitening results, we give away one session when you avail four sessions of Glutathione & Vitamin C Drip.

Facial services

To complete the glam list, facial services are the much-needed therapy we need during the restful weekend. Skincare is the best self-love, according to the ladies who love to spoil their skin. But that’s true, don’t settle for less when it comes to skincare.

Tokyo Glam’s facial services bring out the glow of your skin. The organic ingredients used during the treatments will make your skin brighter and more moisturized. You will never go wrong when you choose natural elements for your skin. Make an appointment for our facial services and get a free Tokyo Glam collagen crystal mask.

Glam Deals

The new set of Tokyo Glam’s treatment refreshes skin to enhance one’s well-being. We prioritize improving skin’s wellness to achieve long-lasting fascinating results. What are you waiting for? Experience our new glam treatments on your next appointment. Stay tuned as we unveil more exciting glam deals just for you.

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